NJR3 TELX 2 Pee Kay-Mountain Tech Center


  • Location:  Clifton, New Jersey, USA
  • Execution Year:  October, 2012

Brief Info

Pinnacle undertook the 3d modeling of the NJR3-Telx 2 Pee Kay – Mountain Tech Center in Clifton Data Center Campus, NJ, USA, which is spread over an area of 215,000 sq. ft, beside NJR2 data center. The purpose of building this 3 storied flagship data center is to add 200 watt per square foot high power density across colocation floors and energy efficient space to Telx’s C3 Cloud Connection Center TM portfolio. Moreover, dual utility diverse paths, diverse generating stations and surface parking area needed to be constructed for this project. NJR3 is expected to provide 100,000 plus sqft of market-leading, customizable co location space, meeting the growing requirements of global customers for heavily networked, outsourced solutions. Like all of Telx’s C3 Cloud Connection Centers, the new facility offered Telx’s Inter Connection Center services, delivering advanced connectivity solutions to provide customers the access to a dynamic marketplace of service providers and the ability to deploy and leverage hybrid cloud solutions.

for further info please download project profile PDF

Key Facts

  • 215,000 Sq.Ft.

    Project Area
  • 2 Engineers

    Team Size