Mapping – City of Woodbury, Water Mains


  • Location:  Woodbury, NJ, USA

Pinnacle had to convert drawings of Mapping for “City of Woodbury, Water Main”. The drawings consisted of 21 sections of mapping. After conversion the drawings were joined at the match-line in a single DWG file. Some of the data was modified or deleted as per the instructions marked by the customer in the drawings. Customer Proposed Resurfacing and Safety improvements at various locations. For this Pinnacle interacted with the customer regarding Construction activities to be incorporated in the drawings.

Customer had supplied data regarding the construction activities like Milling, Tack Coat, Sawing, Sealing Joints in Bituminous Concrete Overlay, Concrete Side Walk, Concrete Drive Way, Ramp Delineation, Traffic Stripes , Pavement Markers etc. and Pinnacle incorporated this data into the drawings in the form of Tables and Symbols with the Legend. Elevation data was also supplied, which Pinnacle maintained in the drawings. Standard line types, layer names, colors, text styles were maintained.

Key Facts