Baxter Plasma Protein Manufacturing Unit


  • Location:  Covington, Georgia, USA
  • Execution Year:  December, 2013

Brief Info

Pinnacle undertook the modeling of the Baxter Plasma Protein Manufacturing Unit in Covington, Gerogia, USA, which is extended over an area of 700,000 sq ft. The purpose of the construction is to support the growth of the plasma-based treatment. The new plasma fractional facility is expected to bring an additional capacity for its biological medications that include testing, purification and fill and finish facilities. The Baxter products to be manufactured at the Covington facility include immunoglobulin therapy for the patients with immune deficiencies and albumin products primarily used as plasma-volume replacement therapy in critical care, trauma and burn cases. We deployed 34 Engineers for modeling the mechanical piping with equipment detail connection and MEP Coordination. We finally produced the detailed shop-drawings for installation and spool-drawings for pre- fabrication.

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Key Facts

  • 700,000 Sq.Ft.

    Project Area
  • 34 Engineers

    Team Size