School & Education Center


Stuyvesant High School

Location: New York, NY, USA


Client’s comment had to be strictly followed at all stages of the project. Had to follow detailed specs like:
1. Draw according to dimensions shown on the drawings. (Please do not trace.)

2. Maintain the Z coordinate as zero for all drawings (Everything must be on the same plane)

3. Maintain a constant/uniform building footprint for all plans (Sometimes when tracing drawings the footprint changes from floor to floor, we do not want that.)

4. Maintain constant/uniform building heights and widths for all plans (Sometimes when tracing the elevations, the lines do not line up and we do not want that.) Refer to dimensions on drawings.

5. Please make sure that all building lines, roof lines, floor lines, window lines and so on are all perfectly straight and are uniform throughout each elevation. Corner should be @ 90 degrees. Use “ortho” command to assure plumb lines.

6. Majority of the windows are the same, verify on the drawings. On the elevations, make alike windows into a block set on a single, separate layer. Draw each window type once and copy to assure all similar windows are shown the same.

7. On the plans, create all doors, stairs on its own layer.

8. On the plans, create all windows on their own layer.

9. On the plans, there is no need to draw the fixtures or hatches. Only draw the building walls, stairs, doors, windows, interior walls and partitions.

10. On the plans write the room name (and number if applicable), similar to what is on the existing.

11. On the roof plans draw the drain locations, mechanical units, curbs, exterior stair, metal pergola.

12. On the elevations, do not draw hatches (brick patterns, etc.) or shades.

13. Not to copy any of the text other than the dimension lines.

The entire tiff file was converted to .dwg file with proper projection of each elevation file. Complete coordination was there between client and Pinnacle.





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Type of Drawings : Architectural.

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