Why Choose Pinnacle?

Why Choose Pinnacle?

At Pinnacle, we believe in doing great work. Our Company is aware that only the best human resource can help it make the global leader in BIM Modeling and CAD design. We love people who enjoy challenges, think out-of-the-box and offer simple solutions to complex problems. We are a team of 800 people now and each team member is an asset of Pinnacle. Join our family and stay at the forefront of competition.

Dynamic Work Environment

We provide dynamic work environment and constantly encourage our people to take up challenges. Here you will get the fervor to accomplish and the fortitude to excel.

Huge Opportunities to Learn

We recommend a transparent work culture and huge opportunities to learn to make enhanced solutions for our team members. Training is a fundamental part of our development plan to improve the individual proficiency level of our employees and maintain our learning process.

Cooperative Work Culture

We provide a cooperative and inspirational working culture that respects each team member and concentrates on professional development.

Ideal Blend of Prospect & Benefits

We match people as per their abilities and leadership traits. Our ideal blend of prospect and benefits inspire our people to follow their profession sincerely.

Latest Technology Usage

Our people work with latest technologies to overcome all professional hurdles and perform efficiently for our clients. So you can always stay abreast with up-to-date technology while working with us.

Solution through proper orchestration

We believe in symphony, philharmonics and collectives. Our solution is engendered through proper orchestration where our people complete the duty assigned to them and also share their triumphs, pangs and constraints with others member of their team. Regular sessions with team members help to share their experiences both formally and informally.

Synchronized Information Sharing

We are taking CAD designing and BIM Modeling to the next level with our fast and simple world of ‘Intelligence Working’ with synchronized information sharing. Individual hand shaking and knowledge leveraging allow our people to gain proficiency at work.

Be Your Own Boss at Pinnacle

Set your principles and do your best to realize them. Construct, innovate and be the unsurpassable at Pinnacle. So why are you waiting for? Step-in to Pinnacle Infotech and get transformed now.

HR Philosophy

Pinnacle believes in building an organization that constantly nurtures and maintains the highest level of innovation and commitment to employees. Our aim is to help our workforce maximize their human performance from within and thereby deliver business growth. We have an ever fleeting standard that raises the mark beyond what it achieved earlier. Our yardsticks, metrics and mix are newer, better and on the cutting edge. We bring out innovation through our association of people-performance-techniques and resources.

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