Cultural Program – PINNOTSAV

Pinnacle organized annual cultural event – ‘PINNOTSAV’ on 6th Aug. ‘16 pompously on the theme “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”. The program was to celebrate the richness of Indian culture.  Employees attended the event with their family members to behold the performance of the engaging, talented and progressive artists. Stunning Bharatnatyam presented by the internationally acclaimed dancer Mathangi Iyenger and her troupe had set an inspiration to the budding dance enthusiasts @ Pinnacle. What’s more, the passionate presentation of the cultural songs, dances and drama by the Pinnaclelites complemented the day’s significance. Pinnacle employees belonging to diverse cultural and geographical dimensions rejoiced this occasion in a vigorous way. The event culminated in rewarding members by giving away ‘Rewards & Recognition’ prizes from Jan to June 2016 for attaining success in various disciplines including Innovation, Training & Development, Leadership, Discipline, Young Professional, Client Feedback, On Site Deputation and Highest Exam Marks.


Charridanga & Karandanga Village, Gopalpur Area, Durgapur, West Bengal


Saturday, the 6th of August, 2016




Mathangi Iyengar and her Bharatnatyam Troupe


Celebrate Family Day at Pinnacle and award the Rewards and recognition (Half Yearly) 2016 winners.


Cultural program initiated maximum participation and a grand celebration of Indian cultural diversity with Pinnaclelites and their family. Also the half yearly Rewards and Recognition awards were also given out.


The amphitheater was decorated grandly keeping the show theme of “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”. All performances were both choreographed and performed by Pinnaclelites itself.

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